I am not the Valentine’s Day celebrating type. I never went out for dinner, gave or received gifts like chocolate or flowers on this day (you are fully entitled to call me boring). I know millions around the world do. Nothing wrong with it. I think celebrating love any day of a year is plausible.

My first Valentine’’s Day rose.

But have you asked yourself where some of these flowers come from? …

It has been three months since a campaign to eradicate a whole ethnic group began. This is a region where my family comes from — Tigray. I wasn’t born, raised nor been a frequent visitor there. I have never stayed in that state for more than a month.

To me, the sound of Embilta is translated as “Love & nostalgia”.

My attachment with this region and its people comes from the deep love I have for my father and mother. Both are strong willed, hardworking, laugher seeking, God fearing & family loving individuals. There is nothing that makes me happier than hearing Embilta — a sound my father loves to hear whenever…

In 2018, Ethiopia appointed it’s first & Africa’s only serving female head of state. It also got the first female Supreme Court president. A female politician was now a chairperson of National Election Board. It even created a brand new ministry, named it Ministry of Peace & handed the leadership over to a woman. Out of 20 cabinet members, 10 of them were women. A notably male dominated post, the Defense Ministry, was also to be lead by a woman for the first time.

Ethiopians rejoiced, the rest of the world applauded and media covered this change with flying compliments

Weeks after the conflict in Tigray started, I called my friend and said “I am sorry. I am sorry for failing to see through your experience but most of all for questioning it.”

Three years prior to this phone conversation, I was sitting in a cozy coffee shop in a nice little neighborhood in Miami. My esteemed friend and I were enjoying our coffee and having a heart felt conversation about various topics. I have the highest regard for this man. He is a well-informed, well- read, and well-adjusted person whose judgement I generally trust.

Our conversation eventually landed on…

Unknown number of women & girls are struggling to breathe in Tigray region of Ethiopia where darkness has reigned for nearly 4 months. They are being raped, their voices silenced and their stories being told by those who are using it for political gains.

On November 3, 2020, Ethiopia, yet again, was getting into a deadly war with itself. The conflict was between the central government and the state of Tigray that houses over 7 million people. The government assured supporters (and foes) that there will be no civilian suffering and life will go back to normal in a matter…

Americans AND the world watched in horror on January 6th when a number of President Donald Trump supporters descended on the capital. The very place, mark and symbol of American democracy. The rioters marched with unmatched level of anger, delivering mayhem to our institution. They terrorized law makers, democratically elected politicians and attacked law enforcement officials.

As riot unfolds at the capital.
As riot unfolds at the capital.
Pro-Trump protesters storm into the US Capitol during clashes with police — credit https://bit.ly/3buNZPr

The anger was the culmination of 4 years of fueling provided partly by the President of the US, his enablers and the like. The primary weapon used for this movement was social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram decided to ban the President.

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